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Gley de Brech
Looking after your skin for 30 years

Gley de Brech was created to develop a wide range of different products which could provide an effective response to the needs of the cosmetics sector and the modern woman.


Originality, innovation and excellence are the pillars on which Gley de Brech has built its success, creating exclusive treatments which fulfil their potential most effectively when placed in the hands of the sector's top professionals.


Gley de Brech's targeted treatments make your skin healthier and more beautiful, with deep-penetrating effects at any age, always respecting the skin's delicate natural balance and providing immediate visible results.


Over the 30 years that Gley de Brech has worked in the professional cosmetics sector, the company has built a name for itself based on its effective treatments and guaranteed top quality products.

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Gley de Brech
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