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about us

Brech Laboratorios is a company with more than 30 years of experience. Based in Granada in southern Spain, it was set up in 1979 by a group of experienced professionals from the cosmetics sector.


Since then, the company has developed another line of business running in parallel with its cosmetics line, manufacturing Hygiene and Disinfection products aimed at professionals in the hotel, catering, industrial and public sectors.


Brech Laboratorios provides its customers with several ranges of proven effective products, and over the years has established itself as a model company in its field.


Our work focuses on research and development in order to manufacture products designed to meet the needs of our customers, adapting to today's new pace of life.


Our product quality is guaranteed thanks to the strict criteria we impose before, during and after each production process. By carefully selecting our raw materials and active ingredients, we can provide scientifically proven effectiveness in all of our products.

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Granada - España

Teléfonos: +34 958 437 900 :: +34 958 437 861 :: Fax: +34 958 438 053